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Dolphins School of Language and Competitions

Dolphins, one of the most intelligent mammals on this earth are the inspiration behind the name of this institute. Dolphins School of language and competitions is managed by Mr. Gaurav Sharma, a former student of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi, and a  graduate from Delhi University.

Working with senior professionals, expats and international diplomats for over two decades, made him realise the relevance of good education and communication skills. All this acquired knowledge over past two decades and deep desire to contribute something to the society, has prompted him to impart this gained knowledge to the young students.

Inherent challenges in our education system have created the need for coaching institutes, which would prepare and train the youth to stand on their own feet. Effective communication skills along with good education can prepare anyone to meet the challenges in life. With this approach Dolphin School of Language and Competitions will continuously strive to guide the youth.

May the youth flourish, succeed and help to make this nation a great success.